The workshops are based on some of my books, if you would like to learn more about the titles below or purchase one. They can be found as e-books on Amazon just click on the link....   Martin Vaughan-Watkin . 

They also come in print form from the link... or you could just join our book club group.

The Celtic Cwtch (A Druidcraft Guidebook for Life)

Celtic Barefoot Therapy a Practitioners Guide (A foot massage method based on Welsh mysticism and Irish folk midwifery)
Total Tarot For the Keen Amateur or Budding Professional
The Celtic Goddess Within (Female Empowerment from Celtic lore)
The Celtic Cariad A Celtic book of Love
The Celtic Cariad Book 2 (Relationship Guidance from Celtic Lore)
Whispers from the Celtic Wildwood
Spirit Sales and Pagan Products
(How to set a Holistic Business with your loose change or less)
Celtic Christianity and its Mysticism (A Pagan’s Prospective)
In the Shadow of the Celtic Giants (Gaints in Celtic lore)
The Celtic Wolf's Howl (Exploring Animal Totems in Celtic Lore)
Working with Angels and Fairies in Celtic Mysticism
The Celtic Cwtch Book 2 and the Welsh Arthurian Link
Exploring the Celtic Divine Masculine and the Arthurian relevance in the Present Day
Celtic Karma (From the Heroic Ethos and What it can Offer you)